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Has anyone done a TeX style typographic logo for LGBTQ+ ? That must be a thing, right?

Apparently it wasn’t, but now it is: LGBTeX.


On the quiet war between DBAs and software developers …

Update March 24, 2024: We can’t even agree on how to name things.

You Bet Your Life is offering a 100-year plan. But why?

Stop Abbreviating!

A plea to technical writers: Please stop inventing abbreviations and acronyms without defining them.

One-Way Comments?

Social media killed comments. What’s a lonely blogger to do?

(Re-)Learning CSS as a Backend Dev

My experiences trying to write my own CSS by hand for this blog.

Building Foundations

On starting a new blog, abandoning the stability of WordPress for the creative freedom of do-it-yourself.

AWS API in Org Mode with Clojure

Clojure code to pull the AWS API documentation from the Cognitect AWS Client library and output Emacs Org Mode.

Hello, world!

I’m Alessandra Sierra, and this is my website. It’s a bit of a work in progress, as am I.